You’re slaying in biz but let’s face it, you’re EXHAUSTED.


Everyone said that this entrepreneurial game was supposed to be liberating, but you’re more stressed out, overwhelmed, and frustrated than you’ve ever been.


It feels like you’re constantly putting out fires and trying to stay afloat.


And to a certain degree, you no longer know where the line is between your personal life and your business.


You feel guilty when you’re not constantly working on the business or immediately responding to client messages.


But you’re feeling torn because your partner has started to notice how much you’ve been working at night and constantly going.


Your stress levels are higher than they’ve ever been– you’ve probably even noticed this lingering sensation of anxiety creeping into your body.


The only way you really know how to combat it is by doing more and keeping yourself insanely busy. 


You’re getting by on #bulletproof coffee + priding yourself on these insane 60 hour work weeks #hustle but you can’t help feeling this isn’t going to be long term sustainable…


Where’d that spark go when you first started this journey?


What happened to the FUN, inspired and care-free version of you that you used to be?!


Take some deep breaths girl. She’s still in there…


She’s just buried under all the stress, anxiety, and overwhelm that somewhere along the lines you began normalizing.


Here’s the simple truth, you didn’t start your business JUST to be coaching 24/7, never having any time to yourself and always feeling like your chasing the next client all the while DREAMING of more space.

This IS NOT the way it’s supposed to be.

  • You want REAL FREEDOM.
  • You wanna wake up when YOU wake up. #goodbyealarms
  • You wanna feel blissed tf out & ensure stress doesn’t even exist.
  • You wanna kiss that anxiety GOODBYE foreverrrrr.
  • You want REAL TIME freedom...

You want certainty + consistency, and a business that feels fully aligned, inspiring, and FREEING. 


And girl…. That’s all possible. 


The thing is, you’ve just been running the wrong programs.


The HUSTLE mentality. And it worked…well kind of… 


(No one warned you about the burnout, stress, and crippling anxiety that came with the hustle, did they?)


But now you’re ready for a different, more EMBODIED way of being.

Where it’s NO LONGER about working harder and longer but instead, it’s more about working smarter and having more FUN. 


A business where spaciousness, flow, groundedness, fun and ease are the values that FUEL your success in your industry. 


Where you get to show up in your full alignment and just BE YOU which creates the magnetism that calls your clients in….

The irony is, you ARE doing all the right things— you’re just doing them with the WRONG energy and THAT is what’s fucking with your flow. 


You THINK it’s because you need to do MORE, FASTER, BETTER, and push even HARDER but actually, that’s whats keeping you from succeeding the way you want to;


Trust me, I know. 


You’re talking to the QUEEN of the struggle + hustle bus.


Pushing, forcing, and MAKING shit happen was my JAM for YEARSSSSSSSS… 


If you didn’t know, I’m Caitlin and I soooo..

I get what it’s like to STRUGGLE + HUSTLE then feel guilty because YOU SHOULD BE DOING MORE? You should be grateful for what you have, right? But the truth I’ve found is that YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL… 

You don’t have to be like me where you spend 10+ years forcing your way to what you believe is success JUST to make enough money to sustain the life you don’t even love living anymore.

I spent the first half of my life completely in my head.  I lived with chronic aches and pain in my body but I ignored it. I was overly sensitive to everyone else’s opinions and thoughts because I didn’t have any boundaries to support myself. I was constantly worrying about other people and what they thought or needed.. 

It’s no shocker that I was completely disconnected from my own body. Putting myself last, giving in to my deep-seated fears and limiting beliefs and giving into the thought that “it has to be hard” became EXHAUSTING.

So finally, after spending years of my life dealing with pain, anxiety and chronic stress, I realized that there has to be another way.

The past 5 years of my life, I’ve completely restructured how I live and run my business. After shifting so many parts of my body, mind, and ways of being, I started living a life without pain and chronic anxiety; I started to feel more aligned and connected to myself than ever before.

The more I dive into my body, heart and soul, the deeper freedom and spaciousness I’ve accessed. It’s with this internal freedom that I’m not able to share my gifts with the world with an open heart.

A way of living in complete alignment and flow with who you’re really meant to be in this world.


A way of living where you wake up full of life, bursting with gratitude and truly enjoying every minute of your life AND business— I know because I did this. 😉 


It’s why I created The Embodiment Academy…


A 4 month container to complete alignment and embodiment where female entrepreneurs and health coaches learn how to embody their most aligned self so they can create their most abundant business & life.

I’m on a mission to help high-achieving hustling women jump off the stress bus like I did. After spending YEARS of my life in stress-mode, I felt like I was in the same place as before…

  • Stressed out. 
  • Constantly overwhelmed.
  • Worrying about how my message will land.
  • Wondering when things will get easier.

The shift I made where I started to put myself above my business was the best decision I’ve ever made.

I went from running my life as a slave to my business to running my business when I feel connected, aligned and fully embodied.

This meant taking extra time every day to nourish my body, heart and soul.

This meant giving myself the time and space to prioritize my self-care above my work.


This meant constantly allowing myself to feel into the discomfort and fear of not “doing it right” and doing it anymore.


And the truth is, I’ve found the secret sauce to chasing my dreams is actually in being myself and making sure I feel fully supported. 


This is where YOU GET TO FEEL GREAT about yourself, life and business again.

You get to hop off the struggle bus + jump on to the FUN and FLOW filled way of building your business and living your life.


You attract clients that feel aligned with who you truly are + it’s EASY… because let’s be real, when you show up for your community with an underlying tone of stress, anxiety and disconnect, they feel that shit. 


It’s time to let go of all the stress and overwhelm and learn to be yourself more and more. The more okay you are with being yourself, the more you SHINE. When you’re uniquely YOU, you’re going to MAGNETIZE your ideal clients to you and repel those that aren’t “for you.” You shining in your own essence plus being SUPER EXCITED and PASSIONATE about your program is how you’re going to create massive abundance in your business.


The more you own who you are and the more connected you are to yourself, the more magnetic you become to your audience.


Your bank account grows exponentially AND you’ve got more time than you ever did before. When you take more time for yourself in your life and business, the spaciousness allows you to become more focused and clear to your audience, on your mission and with day-to-day tasks. That means you get more done in less time with more magnetism…

Because you’re finally living fully in alignment with your realest embodiment.

When your main focus is your internal world and you learn to master that, what doesn’t resonate or isn’t “for you” becomes really clear. The more you experience THIS WAY OF LIVING, the more you’re guided towards that which lights you up and before you know it, every part of your life and day feels GOOD.

And you actually get to experience the freedom you’ve been craving for years–all because you dropped into YOU more.

The freedom to take a trip when you want to. The freedom to take a weekend off when you want. The freedom at night to do what you want to without the guilt. The freedom to be more in alignment with yourself and your worth.


Waking up to daily practices that support your entire being, moving through any discomfort/fears/beliefs that show up right away so it doesn’t linger in your space, and you get to DO WHAT YOU LOVE by helping more people–from a place of love, connection and divine guidance.

Imagine waking up on a Monday morning excited to take care of yourself.

You spend a couple hours diving deep into your body and heart and release what’s not resonating or yours without the feeling that you’re rushing through it just to check it off your list.

When you move through life in this way, you become more excited about your work. By honoring your natural rhythm in this way, you start to give yourself more time to do what lights you up.

Your business begins to flourish because completely in flow with YOU and the universe.

All it takes is learning how to move past your blocks, master your energy and self-care, and learn how to share that with ease, grace and a deeper knowing and trust.

The structure is simple!

We work together for 4 months where you’ll be FULLY SUPPORTED by me.

Each week, you’ll have 1 hour long private call with me where we go deep into what’s really going on, what’s ACTUALLY blocking you + remove any limiting beliefs so you can step fully into your power.

You’ll get detailed call notes after each call to refer back to & practices to incorporate in between our calls as needed.

You’ll have an epic online portal where we can connect anytime M-F (boundaries! ;)) and you can message me about ANYTHING + everything!

And finally, each week you’ll get access to a new juicy module that’s been made to support you in doing the deep inner work to become fully aligned in with your Self, your life & business.



We’ll get to the bottom of what’s really going on – we’ll start to explore your limiting beliefs and fears that are keeping you stuck so we can connect to the aligned version of you. You’ll dive into different practices to learn HOW to slow down & connect to yourself and your limiting beliefs on a deeper level.



As we begin to slow down + tune in, we’ll start to notice certain patterns that show up that aren’t supportive for the aligned version of you & your biz. We’ll begin breaking those patterns and the beliefs & fears that may be underneath your daily habits. We’ll begin creating a steady foundation to ground into and then expand from.


We’ll start to tap into your vital energy and your natural rhythm so you begin to THRIVE throughout ALL AREAS of your life. We’ll work to explore new movement, meditation + self-care routines that honor you, your truth & your next level.



Likely something has emerged from the deeper layers and we’ll explore that now. We’ll hold space and navigate to deeper realms to create more expansion, grounding, and clarity. From this place, you’ll access more freedom than you ever knew existed.

What Past Clients Are Saying…

“Caitlin and her program changed my life in so many ways! Less pain, more flexibility and I feel stronger in my body and mind. My body and mind love it and miss it when I don’t do Caitlin’s online program or the practices she customizes for me. I’ve never felt so good. This work is making me fall in love with my work again!”

“My experience in working with Caitlin was life-changing. Before I joined Caitlin’s program, I was in a lot of pain and really stressed out. My whole body hurt and I didn’t have the energy to do things I love because of all the stress. I no have more energy, focused, I’m stronger, have better posture and I’m way more aware of my habits and posture. Not only do I now move without pain but what’s even better is that I no longer dread going to work anymore and I’m back to being myself, living an active life and loving it!” 

If you’re on the fence about joining Caitlin’s program, do it. Caitlin and the work she does has changed my life. I was in so much pain every day and now I’m not. There were days that I had so much pain I couldn’t get out of bed. I am standing taller now, starting to have more core strength, and feeling so much less stressed and at ease. Caitlin’s program has been so easy to use and fit into my busy life. I would recommend Caitlin to anyone I know.”

what to expect


Meet with Caitlin on video or in-person for 60-90 minutes every week (3x/month) for your 1×1  sessions. All you have to do is show up. I’ll guide you through practices weekly to connect you deeper to your breath, body and into a path of healing.



In between each session, you’ll get simple homework practices delivered to your inbox to incorporate regularly. They range from something simple things like becoming aware of your shoulder alignment at work, to make small adjustments in the car, to take deep breaths before work, etc.  You’ll continue to move through the online portal of classes & practices created by Caitlin weekly.


Get your questions answered and learn how to uplevel your growth even more with constant support and email or text communication with Caitlin. Whether you’re wondering if you’re doing a practice correctly, an area of discomfort came up, or you have additional questions or need additional support, rest knowing you can reach out anytime M-F 9-5 and get feedback.

What Past Clients Are Saying…

I never thought I would get out of back, knee, and postural pain. I also have a curvature in my back that I have been told most of my life cannot be changed. When I came to Caitlin, I wasn’t playing my favorite sport and I was miserable at work. Even doing simple things was really painful. Caitlin completely personalizes her services based on your needs. She takes considerable time to answer all of my questions and targets my sessions for exactly what I need that day and what my goals are. Caitlin always asks me what is going on and listens really well. She is a wealth of knowledge about yoga, human anatomy, and how humans should move. No two sessions are the same. We changed the way I move while doing simple things like sitting in a car or at my desk, putting dishes away and bending over to clean dog poop so that my back is protected from re-injury. I am healing my back partly to return to playing volleyball. I now understand how to be in my volleyball stances and movements so that I can avoid injury when I get back to playing. I am already standing up much straighter and feel more confident. I never thought I would feel this good in my body and I am so wow-ed by Caitlins mastery of her craft.

I’ll just leave you with this…

I believe that we can create more time freedom and financial freedom in our lives and business by doing less, making our self-care a priority, and being more of ourselves.

There is SO MUCH MORE to success than just to-do lists and hustle. I was on the stress bus for YEARS of my life thinking that’s how I’d become successful but the more I kept pushing, the more I noticed that it was depleting my entire system and I started to feel disconnected from myself and my greater mission.

I was constantly EXHAUSTED spending all my extra time worrying about what I wasn’t doing, what other people thought and trying to take action just because “I should.”

I created this container to teach you how to break your own hamster wheel of bad habits, beliefs and strategy. Embodiment Academy was created so that you can tap into your true essence, power and joy as a way to get more down and stress less.

I’m teaching you exactly what I do to bust down old limiting beliefs, fears that are holding you back and stories you’ve been unconsciously telling yourself so that you can create daily routines, habits and thoughts that inevitably bring you closer to freedom.

If you’re ready, I’m here for you girl– let’s do this.

xo, Caitlin

You might be wondering…

The truth is, if you’re reading this, it’s for you. If you’re reading this, you’ve been struggling with what you’re doing and you’re ready for support.

You’re ready to break down old beliefs, patterns and fears that have been holding you back. You’re ready to learn tools to guide you into deeper healing and expansion. You’re ready to step into a more aligned, excited and juicy version of yourself that you’ve been CRAVING.

You’re ready to step into the next level of yourSelf, your biz and your life.

If that sounds like you, then let’s do this.

Once you enroll, you’ll be sent an email with the details on joining the Foundation to Freedom.  

Everything will be available inside our portal on Thinkific and Facebook called Foundation to Freedom: a 3-month Online Program for RDH’s — it’s easy, I promise!


I want to make this decision ridiculously EASY for you so you can start investing in your health TODAY.  
If you’re ready to make the commitment and join Foundation to Freedom to better your health, free yourself from body pain, and feel your best, we’re ready to help you!  

Paypal is currently offering 6 months of interest-free financing credit and if approved, you can receive the support you need while paying at a pace that works for you. 

You can apply for this 6 month interest-free financing through PaypPal! Apply here. 

Nope. If you have any other questions about the program, please send me an email at:

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Two new classes, a meditation and breathing practice are delivered to you every month, plus other training and tutorials for support!

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