a four-month one-on-one yoga therapy + mentoring program


Have you been here before? You wake up in the morning with an aching lower back. You go to work, try and do some stretches you saw online. Then, you head to the chiropractor at lunch. Your adjustment left you feeling good enough to keep going, so you go on with your day ignoring the signs that something isn’t right.

Maybe there are some other things you’ve been ignoring, too–your nagging shoulder pain or stress that you feel in the morning and when you go to bed. You say stuff like, “I’ll get it checked out tomorrow. I’ll figure it out soon. I heard yoga helps with this stuff.”

All of the options feel overwhelming.

 Thoughts of surgery that your doctor has planted in your mind are terrifying. So you try a lot of random things inconsistently or you stop trying at all. It’ll get better with time right?

So you keep waiting and hoping it gets better but you realize no one is actually getting to the root of the program–they’re all just trying to mask your symptoms. You don’t know how but you need someone who will take a holistic, whole-health approach to your problem to get you results that you’ve been craving–results that last.

It’s time to reconnect to your body, start moving without pain and tap back into the freedom in your body & mind.

I teach and share this work because when I was just 21 years old, I was working full-time as a dental hygienist. It was the best job except that I left work in pain every single day. When I learned yoga therapy, and specifically how to stretch, strengthen and move without discomfort, I started to feel a sense of freedom I had never experienced before. As my pain decreased, my constant stress and anxiety did, too.

This work completely changed my life.

Step One 

Exploration + Awareness = Clarity

We’ll create a body baseline to figure out what’s working & what isn’t working. Once we get really clear on the whole system, then we begin to create change. In this step, you’ll feel a deep sense of awareness and relaxation.

Step Two  

Illuminate Body Patterns

As you get out of pain, we’ll begin to see how your body patterns are actually influenced by life patterns. Start to build daily practices that clear your mind & body and brings you back into a flow state versus a controlling and rigid state which is what is creating your pain.

Step Three 

Embody Yourself Fully 

Your pain will have lessened greatly. Now is the time to work on deepening, strengthening and more enjoyment. How do you want to feel in your life? We’ll give you exercises and tools to embody that.

Step Four 

Move Deeper and Find Bliss

What’s there now? Something different has likely emerged. We’ll hold space to work through the underlying issues to give you more openness and bliss in spaces you didn’t even know were possible – emotionally and physically.

What Past Clients Are Saying…

Working with Caitlin was the best thing I ever did for myself. I thought that I would always have pain because I’ve done so many things to try and help but they haven’t worked, until yoga therapy with Caitlin. Now I am living with less pain, my posture has improved, I am getting stronger, and my clothes are getting looser.

3 in person or online 1×1 sessions (12 total)

24/7 Email + Phone Support

Unlimited access to online portal + membership space

2 blocks, strap + healers within canvas bag swag


Meet with Caitlin on video or in-person for 60-90 minutes every week (3x/month) for your 1×1  sessions. All you have to do is show up. I’ll guide you through practices weekly to connect you deeper to your breath, body and into a path of healing.



In between each session, you’ll get simple homework practices delivered to your inbox to incorporate regularly. They range from something simple things like becoming aware of your shoulder alignment at work, to make small adjustments in the car, to take deep breaths before work, etc.  You’ll continue to move through the online portal of classes & practices created by Caitlin weekly.


Get your questions answered and learn how to uplevel your growth even more with constant support and email or text communication with Caitlin. Whether you’re wondering if you’re doing a practice correctly, an area of discomfort came up, or you have additional questions or need additional support, rest knowing you can reach out anytime M-F 9-5 and get feedback.

What Past Clients Are Saying…

I never thought I would get out of back, knee, and postural pain. I also have a curvature in my back that I have been told most of my life cannot be changed. When I came to Caitlin, I wasn’t playing my favorite sport and I was miserable at work. Even doing simple things was really painful. Caitlin completely personalizes her services based on your needs. She takes considerable time to answer all of my questions and targets my sessions for exactly what I need that day and what my goals are. Caitlin always asks me what is going on and listens really well. She is a wealth of knowledge about yoga, human anatomy, and how humans should move. No two sessions are the same. We changed the way I move while doing simple things like sitting in a car or at my desk, putting dishes away and bending over to clean dog poop so that my back is protected from re-injury. I am healing my back partly to return to playing volleyball. I now understand how to be in my volleyball stances and movements so that I can avoid injury when I get back to playing. I am already standing up much straighter and feel more confident. I never thought I would feel this good in my body and I am so wow-ed by Caitlins mastery of her craft.

You might be thinking….

I’ll figure this out later or I’ll do this another time…


 1.  keep doing what you’re doing

You’ll likely end up staying disconnected, stressed out and overwhelmed by bigger pain.

2. dive into your health

See what’s been in the way and dive into this yoga therapy work and feel better in your skin by joining me on the journey.

You’re probably wondering whether or not you should try yoga before you join…

You are perfect the way you are.

It’s time to trust that there is a better way to holistically heal your pain outside of western meds and toughing it out, 

Join me in the movement and change your life.

Let’s begin.

But… what if…

Once you enroll, you’ll be sent an email with the details on joining the Foundation to Freedom.  

Everything will be available inside our portal on Thinkific and Facebook called Foundation to Freedom: a 3-month Online Program for RDH’s — it’s easy, I promise!

Yes. Most people who sit all day feel pain in their physical body that can either stem from sitting all day, or is exacerbated by sitting.  

Research shows that sitting all day can cause the following: back pain, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, obesity, chronic diseases.  

Yoga therapy, and this program specifically, is much different than traditional yoga — this program and the classes and materials inside of it target the specific areas of the physical body that becomes affected by sitting all day and in particular, the areas that dental hygienist get affected by.  

Yes. The course materials will be yours to keep forever with unlimited access!

Great! This class is specifically designed for EVERYONE: those who are new to yoga and “are not flexible” in addition to those who practice yoga regularly!  


I want to make this decision ridiculously EASY for you so you can start investing in your health TODAY.  

If you’re ready to make the commitment and join Foundation to Freedom to better your health, free yourself from body pain, and feel your best, we’re ready to help you!  

Paypal is currently offering 6 months of interest-free financing credit and if approved, you can receive the support you need while paying at a pace that works for you. 

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Nope. If you have any other questions about the program, please send me an email at: Hello@HealersWithin.com