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My Journey With Pain + What’s Helping Heal.

          I’m experiencing back pain like I’ve never experienced before.

          Low back pain, neck and shoulder aches, and pain, hip pain, knee pain… I’ve had them all but they don’t compare to this time.

          It’s a stop-what-you’re-doing-and-listen-to-me kind of pain.

          So I’ve been listening and tuning in.

          Mind you–this is what I do. I help my clients get out of pain, dive deeper to explore what’s at the root of the pain, what’s not working and then create a life, body & movement that IS in alignment.

Hello, Universe… I hear you: time to re-align.

          And I want to be more open & share my journey with you–first, so I can be more transparent on here, and second because I think we can all learn from my experience.         

          As I continue to heal myself back to health, I’ve realized a few things.

          Our body needs love and attention.

          Our body gives us signs to let us know where it needs extra love & attention.

          Our body gives us signs that start small then get bigger & louder the more that we don’t listen.

          We all know this, right? 

          Well, the tricky part is in actually listening.

Listening and being open to the signs your body tells you is key. If you stop listening or you dull the sounds of your bodies voice, it continues to grow and expand until….

          BAM. You’re stuck on the couch with back pain.

          Our body holds wisdom but we only get access when we listen.

          I stopped listening. 

          I muted the sound of my voice and allowed the sound of my ego to take over.

          I let my ego push my body and didn’t give it proper rest and nutrition.

          So here I am, re-declaring this love for my body and all it does for me.

          I’m here. I’m connected. I’m tuned in. I’m listening.

Here’s what it’s saying for us all to enjoy: 


          If you’re not taking care of your body on some level (exercise, nourishment, rest, etc) it’s time to lean in and listen. When you get a sign from your body, listen to it.

          Instead of listening to the gentle signs my body was giving me (achiness in my left shoulder, slight discomfort in my low back, increased feelings of overwhelm), I pushed them aside and tried to continue forward.


          Once you start listening to your body and get better at responding, this part becomes easier.

          If I had taken the time two weeks ago to drop everything and listen to my body, I probably wouldn’t be here–writing to you in bed with a heating pad on my back. Stop putting your body last on your to-do list.


          Stop putting your health last on your list and put it first. Start with one or two things you want to address & make it happen. Whether it’s daily stretching, using a foam roller or getting support, do it now.

          Because here’s the hard truth:

          If you’re not taking care of your body then don’t expect it to do the same for you.

          The more you show up for yourself + your health, the stronger you’ll be.

          Your body holds years of wisdom within it if you allow it to be free.

          So take a moment to pause right now and ask yourself these simple questions:

  1. Where have I been neglecting my body lately?
  2. What have been the signs that my body needs more love than I’m giving it?
  3. What’s one step I can take RIGHT NOW to start listening and leaning in more?

          And go do the thing. 

          I’m here for you and can’t wait to share how my story continues to evolve and inform me….

          If you’re feeling the call to lean in and take care of your body in a whole new way, I invite you to apply for Yoga Therapy work with me.

          The work I do with clients is simple yet powerful and transformative.

          We strip away the layers of what’s not working and what’s in the way–usually this includes area’s of pain, discomfort, overwhelm and stress, and we create new patterns that are in alignment and feel good.

          This process isn’t easy but it will forever change your life.

          And I’m here for you every step of the way.

          So whether it’s 1:1 Yoga Therapy work in Uncover Your Freedom, or you’re a Dental Hygienist who’s looking for support inside Foundation to Freedom, listen to the call.

          If the time is now, apply to work with me here and let’s connect.

          I’m proud of you for being here – thank you for sharing this journey with me.

xo Caitlin

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