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How to Reduce Stress and Live a Balanced Life //
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How to Reduce Stress and Live a Balanced Life //

          Before we dive into the juiciness of this post… let’s get really real.

          Like, really real–let’s talk about Stress, baby!

          Stress, according to Medline Plus , stress is “a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It can come from any event or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry or nervous. Stress is your body’s reaction to a challenge or demand.”

          Stress and what we consider to be stressful means something different to everyone. For some people, stress comes with business at work, deadlines, and family emergencies. For others, stress shows up when they are cut off in traffic, hit the 3rd red light in a row, or spilling your morning coffee on the ground.

          The thing is…when you train your body to be in a constant state of stress, it doesn’t know the difference between a huge family emergency or a lion chasing you in the woods vs. spilling your coffee or being cut off in traffic.

          When we talk about stress, it’s important to discuss our nervous system. When our body becomes stressed, our nervous system shifts into a sympathetic response, also known as fight or flight response–it results in a number of responses in the body including increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, increased hormone release, the dilation of your blood vessels, suppressed immune system, and much more.

          The concern isn’t what happens when the body enters the stress response until the body is always in this state, also known as chronic stress.

          If we’re constantly in a state of stress–stressed over the spilled coffee, traffic, traffic lights, something your co-worker said, your partner said, something your child or fur baby did… your body lives in a stressed state.

          Your body doesn’t know anything but stress.

          Your body cannot function fully or optimally in this way.

          If this feels like you, here’s five tips you gotta implement in order to bring more balance into your life, your body and your nervous system:

          🌈Create a daily practice of slowing down: this could start as a 1-minute breathing or meditation practice done 3x/day

          🌈Create time and space where you can deeply relax every week: set it into your schedule and create time to de-stress. My favorite ways to do this is: guided meditation/relaxation, yoga nidra, yoga therapy, listening to music, dancing to your favorite songs, or laughing your face off.

          🌈Bring in activities that bring your body into a relaxed state: start to bring in more practices that decrease your stress levels. This could include spending more time with certain friends, decreasing your workload, increasing activities that bring your body into relaxation (yoga, meditation, breathing, tai chi, swimming, walking, hiking, etc.)

          🌈Make a pact with yourself: make a pact with yourself that anytime you feel stressed, you will take 5 conscious, slow breaths. Bringing a slow & relaxed breath helps to bring your body into a relaxed state. This shifts the response from stress to relaxed in no time! If this is hard at first, set reminders in your phone until it becomes a habit.

          I used to live my life in a fully stressed state. My body didn’t know what was happening and slowly neither did my mind. Once I started to implement these daily practices, I soon realized how good it felt to not be in a state of #chronicstress.

          Once I started living in a more balanced state by implementing these practices above, I became sick less, had more energy, became more focused, calm and clear, and in general, had a healthier life.

          What’s one thing you want to implement right now to reduce your stress levels? Share in the comments below or send me a message here.

Here for you,

xo Caitlin

PS: Do you need support or mentorship in learning how to reduce your stress levels and feel more balanced in your life? Fill out this application to work with me 1X1, no matter where you are in the world, and I’ll reach out. Through 1X1 yoga therapy, we can bring you into a state of balance.

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