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Five Things You Need to Consider To Overcome Hip Pain
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Five Things You Need to Consider To Overcome Hip Pain

          Hip pain can be really challenging for a lot of people and also really scary.

          Have you ever went to get up from sitting down for a while and feel like your hip has given out?

          🙋🏽‍♀️I have… and it’s not fun.

          And while there are MANY things that could be going on within your hip for this to happen, and I’m not a doctor so I cannot diagnosis anything, these pieces I’m about to discuss can be used as evaluation tools.

          First I want to start by saying that posture is key when it comes to addressing pain in the body, and the joints in particular.

          Here are some tips that are important to note & explore if you’re experiencing pain in your hips:

          ‼️Use both of your legs evenly by building strength in your legs–whether you’re walking, sitting, standing or exercising at all, this is important.

          ‼️Keep your hips even–I like to think about our hips or pelvis like a bowl. Keep your “bowl” neutral, without letting the bowl dump out forwards or backward.

          ‼️Stretching all around the hips to reduce tension: tightness in the muscles around the hips are really common especially in our day in age with increased sitting. Start to stretch the muscles on the front of your hips (ex: hip flexors), the back of the legs and outer hips.

          ‼️Symmetry in your body–make sure that when you’re sitting, standing or moving your body, it is as symmetrical as you can. Notice if you lean to one side while sitting, driving in the car or waiting in line at the grocery store. Start to work both sides of the both together to support your hips and entire body.

          ‼️Improve your core–most of the time when our hips are out of alignment it means that our core isn’t engaged. The truth is, your core supports your spine and your hips. By strengthening your core, you can help to bring your hips into alignment.

          It’s important to try these practices and become more curious about what’s going on in your hip area, instead of annoyed, ignoring it or pushing it down or away.

          The key to unlocking your pain is becoming a scientist: when does it hurt, what does it feel like, what makes it better, what makes it worse, and so on.

          Often, we get to the root of the issue just by becoming more curious, or getting support from a like-minded professional.

          Either way, providing a professional with the sort of information that we talked about above make it a heck-of-a-lot easier for them to figure out or diagnose.

          The most important thing to know: address it before it gets worse.

          It may be as easy as adjusting the way you sit, stand or walk.

          Make sense?

          If you’re looking for some practices to explore the hip, take a look at my Low Back Exercises blog post I shared recently–a few of the practices will be really helpful at reducing discomfort and/or becoming more clear on what’s going on.

I’m here for you, just holler!
xo Caitlin

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