My Journey With Pain + What’s Helping Heal.

          I’m experiencing back pain like I’ve never experienced before.           Low back pain, neck and shoulder aches, and pain, hip pain, knee pain… I’ve had them all but they don’t compare to this time.           It’s a stop-what-you’re-doing-and-listen-to-me kind of pain.     […]

Opportunities to Slow Down – May 4th, 2017

          I’ve been enjoying the opportunity to slow down and pause more than ever lately. I grew up under the impression that the more you do, the more you check off your to-do list and the faster you are, the better and more likely you are to be successful. I’m finally […]

Officially a Yoga Therapist! – May 2nd, 2017

IT’S OFFICIAL! I’m a Certified Yoga Therapist!           A four year journey with over 1,000 hours of study, incredible master teachers, courses, retreats, and immense self-study.           So many memories, friendships and special moments to treasure forever.