I’ve been enjoying the opportunity to slow down and pause more than ever lately. I grew up under the impression that the more you do, the more you check off your to-do list and the faster you are, the better and more likely you are to be successful. I’m finally {re}learning and understanding that sometimes slowing down and taking a pause allows you to be more productive, and more #PRESENT. For me, #breathing + #meditation helps me slow down. Sometimes, a simple walk outside is the perfect way to slow down. What is your favorite way to #relax?

Montana De Oro Cliffs - Morro Bay, CA

          Take a moment, wherever you are, to PAUSE. Whether you are sitting or standing, allow your feet to touch the floor. Close your eyes if you can. Notice the breath — the rhythm of your inhales and exhales. Feel the way the breath changes the shape of your abdomen, side ribs and maybe even the chest. Feel the breath slow down, and maybe notice that the mind slows down too. Notice the sounds around you, yet still aware of your breath. Stay for a few more moments. Repeat throughout the day and feel more CLEAR, connected + at ease.

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