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Online Program to Ditch PAin + Improve Ergonomics

Join Foundation to Freedom, a 3-month self-study program with weekly yoga therapy classes that focus on the 4 main areas of pain for dental professionals. Build strength, flexibility and awareness of your posture & ergonomics through simple therapeutic movements and stress-releasing techniques.

In Office (or online) Team Education

 Educate your team on how to sit and work with more ease to decrease pain, poor posture and bad habits. You’ll also learn different practices that help reduce stress throughout the team so the whole office can thrive!

Ergonomic Consultation

In-Office Ergonomic Consultations and Lifetime access to Foundation to Freedom. Learn how to sit properly, improve your ergonomics and decrease aches and pain in the body. Includes a 30 minute ergonomic consultation, written/video recommendations, and a 15 minute follow up appointment.

Success stories

“Foundation to Freedom has changed my life in many ways! Less pain, more flexibility, stronger. Working on strength more and more. My body and mind love it and miss it when I can’t do it. I’ve never felt so good. It’s making being a hygienist something I love again!” 

– Kim, RDH

“If any of you are on the fence about this program, try it. Caitlin’s classes are really changing my life. I was in so much pain every day and now I’m not. There where days that I had so much pain I could hardly get out of bed. I am standing taller and starting to have more core strength as the classes continue. I worried about how would I stay on program not having to be face to face with her but once I started the stretching and started to feel better there hasn’t been a day since week two that I have not wanted to do something whether it be just stretching or a full yoga class. I have spent tons of money on massage, chiropractors and IBP I was skeptical but this progrm is working the best for me.” 

– Joan, RDH

online program to ditch pain + improve ergonomics

a 3-month Online Yoga Therapy Program for Dental Professionals

Foundation to Freedom (online program) for an individual: $333

Foundation to Freedom (online program) for an office up to 5 people: $1333

Foundation to Freedom (online program) for an office up to 10 people: $2333

In office (or online) Team Education

Proper Ergonomics, Reducing Pain + Stress In & Out of the Office with Yoga Therapy

Caitlin will come to your office for a 60-minute deep dive into ergonomics, pain, and stress as it relates to each dental professional, and each individual will leave with a better understanding and tangible tips to start incorporating. Caitlin will share a ~20-minute chair yoga therapy practice to reduce pain and discomfort in the body and relax the mind.

Bonus: Purchase Foundation to Freedom for your entire team and get a free in-office team education + yoga therapy class (travel expenses not included)

Rates may vary depending on location + amount of team members

Ergonomic Consultation

In-Office Ergonomic Consultations and Lifetime access to Foundation to Freedom

In-Office Ergonomic Consultations:

Individualized ergonomic consultations for one person or the entire team

Each individual will set their workspace up for ergonomic success with a deeper understanding of why

Each individual will receive a consultation and adjustment in their posture + alignment for both at work and in life

Each individual will receive Action Items to work into their daily life to improve their posture with ease


Each individual will receive lifetime access to Foundation to Freedom

Caitlin will provide a ~60-minute presentation for the team on proper ergonomics, pain, and stress, and leave everyone with a delicious and relaxing chair yoga therapy practice that’s designed for dental professionals. 


Rates may vary depending on location + amount of team members

I’m a guide for this work because when I was just 21 years old, I was working as a full-time Dental Hygienist. I was in the time of my life, except that I had pain throughout my body and anxious thoughts filling my mind every day. I was in the time of my life, yet I was miserable. When I found Yoga Therapy, my life was changed.

I learned how to stretch effectively, strengthen my body in a supportive and sustainable way that wouldn’t cause pain or injury, and I learned how to move my body optimally, so I actually felt good–all the time. As my pain started to decrease, I learned ways of managing my anxiety and became a more empowered, courageous and graceful version of myself.I’m so excited to share this work because now I no longer struggle with chronic pain and anxiety that oftentimes felt crippling.

I’m so excited to share this work because now I feel more freedom, strength and joy just by being me.

I developed this program for you because I get it. I’ve been a dental hygienist for over 10 years and I’ve been in the dental field for almost 15. I’ve had pain radiating from my neck and shoulders down my arm with numbing and tingling sensation appearing like carpal tunnel syndrome so bad that I thought I’d need surgery. I’ve had low back pain bad enough I thought I couldn’t go to work. I’ve had hip pain where I couldn’t sit, walk, run, or move without discomfort. I’ve had knee and ankle pain that’s kept me immobile.  

I’m here because I literally feel your pain.  

I hear dental professionals complain EVERY SINGLE DAY about pain in their bodies and how it affects their entire life, whether they’re able to work or not.  

When I became a Yoga Therapist, I realized I needed to create a program for people who can’t see me in person–so they could experience this type of transformation, too.  

That’s why I created Foundation to Freedom and Team Education for dental professionals.  


Success stories

Before I joined Foundation to Freedom, I was in pain. My whole body hurt and I didn’t have the energy to do things I loved because I was in so much pain. My experience with Caitlin was life-changing. I had been to chiropractors and other pain management to help with my low back, hip, and neck and shoulder pain with no luck. 

Now I have more energy, I’m stronger, have better posture and I’m able to move without pain. What’s better is that I no longer dread going to work anymore and I am back to being myself and living an active life.

I recommend Caitlin and this program to every hygienist and everyone I know because they will love their experince. Everyone owes it to themselves to do this program.”

– Kathy, RDH

This program has been so amazing for my pain. In just one class, my neck and shoulder tension released more than it has in years. This program has been so instrumental in managing and controlling my stress. It’s so easy to be “on the hamster wheel”. I look forward to my yoga time and meditation and have noticed a huge difference in my pain level. My family has even noticed my calmer demeanor. I couldn’t believe how much my pain was linked to my stress.” 

– Jade, RDH

Find freedom through aligning

Join us in our unlimited, all access therapeutic classes, practices + toolkit portal. Learn new ways to

 manage stress, heal chronic pain, feel your best, and create the life you desire. 


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Unlimited, all access to a number of 

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that will help you decrease stress, anxious thoughts, areas of pain in the body, and learn new ways to feel good in your body and mind. 


Two new classes, a meditation and breathing practice are delivered to you every month, plus other training and tutorials for support!




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