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Online program to ditch pain + improve ergonomics

a 3-month Online Yoga Therapy Program for Dental Professionals
  • Foundation to Freedom (online program) for an individual: $333
  • Foundation to Freedom (online program) for an office up to 5 people: $1333
  • Foundation to Freedom (online program) for an office up to 10 people: $2333

Dental Professionals

Online Program to Live a Pain Free Life + Improve Ergonomics

Join Foundation to Freedom, a 3-month self-study program with weekly yoga therapy classes that focus on the 4 main areas of pain for dental professionals. Build strength, flexibility and awareness of your posture & ergonomics through simple therapeutic movements and stress-releasing techniques.

In-Office or Virtual Team Education

Have Caitlin come to your office to educate your team on how to sit and work properly, in order to decrease pain, stress, poor posture and bad habits. You’ll also learn different practices that help reduce stress throughout the team so the whole office can thrive!

In-Office Ergonomic Consultation

In-Office Ergonomic Consultations and Lifetime access to Foundation to Freedom. Learn how to sit properly, improve your ergonomics and decrease aches and pain in the body. Includes a 30 minute ergonomic consultation, written/video recommendations, and a 15 minute follow up appointment.

In-office or Virtual Team Education

Live a pain free life, ditch stress & anxiety, and improve your posture in & out of the office with Yoga Therapy

  • Caitlin will come to your office for a 60-minute deep dive into ergonomics, pain, and stress as it relates to each dental professional, and each individual will leave with a better understanding and tangible tips to start incorporating. Caitlin will share a ~20-minute chair yoga therapy practice to reduce pain and discomfort in the body and relax the mind.
  • Bonus: Purchase Foundation to Freedom for your entire team and get a free in-office team education + yoga therapy class (travel expenses not included)
  • Rates may vary depending on location + amount of team members.

Ergonomic Consultation

Live a pain free life, ditch stress & anxiety, and improve your posture in & out of the office with Yoga Therapy

In-Office Ergonomic Consultations

Individualized ergonomic consultations for one person or the entire team. Each individual will set their workspace up for ergonomic success with a deeper understanding of why. Each individual will receive a consultation and adjustment in their posture + alignment for both at work and in life.

Individual receive lifetime access to Foundation to Freedom

Caitlin will provide a ~60-minute presentation for the team on proper ergonomics, pain, and stress, and leave everyone with a delicious and relaxing chair yoga therapy practice that’s designed for dental professionals. Rates may vary depending on location + amount of team members.

success Stories

Testimonial 14

“Working with Caitlin was the best thing I ever did for myself. I thought that I would always have pain because I’ve done so many things to try and help but they haven’t worked, until yoga therapy with Caitlin. Now I am living with less pain, my posture has improved, I am getting stronger, and my clothes are getting looser.”

Testimonial 13

“Before I came to Caitlin, I was taking Motrin and Tylenol on a daily basis like clockwork. I would skip going to the pool or out with my family after work due to the pain in my body. I was very depressed and isolating myself from activities that I really enjoy doing with my family and friends. I had pain on a daily basis in my lower back, shoulder blades, hips and left knee. Some days I had so much pain and inflammation in my body I felt like I couldn’t make it through the day.

Since starting FTF I am slowly starting to get control of my pain and inflammation through the online program one-on-one sessions with Caitlin. Inflammation is decreasing, I’m sitting up taller and I’m more aware of my posture both at work and in my daily routines outside of work. I am no longer having to take Motrin and Tylenol on a daily basis and I am able to walk longe distances without pain in my knees. “

Kim Ponzio

Testimonial 12

“I never thought I would get out of back, knee, and postural pain. I also have a curvature in my back that I have been told most of my life cannot be changed. When I came to Caitlin, I wasn’t playing my favorite sport and I was miserable at work. Even doing simple things was really painful. Caitlin completely personalizes her services based on your needs. She takes considerable time to answer all of my questions and targets my sessions for exactly what I need that day and what my goals are. Caitlin always asks me what is going on and listens really well. She is a wealth of knowledge about yoga, human anatomy, and how humans should move. No two sessions are the same. We changed the way I move while doing simple things like sitting in a car or at my desk, putting dishes away and bending over to clean dog poop so that my back is protected from re-injury. I am healing my back partly to return to playing volleyball. I now understand how to be in my volleyball stances and movements so that I can avoid injury when I get back to playing. I am already standing up much straighter and feel more confident. I never thought I would feel this good in my body and I am so wow-ed by Caitlins mastery of her craft.”

Testimonial 11

“Caitlin is amazing!!! She is passionate about, and committed to healing the body through yoga therapy, and her teaching does not disappoint! Her knowledge of the body and mind shines through, and she goes above and beyond for her clients! I would recommend her to anyone, at any level in their yoga practice–first timers to advanced yogis alike!”

Jessica Tallman


Testimonial 10

“Caitlin really knows how to curate yoga program for sustainable strengthening. My shoulders and core used to be weaknesses but after a few sessions I see my posture has improved and the range of motion in my shoulders. She’s caring, fun, and a pleasure to work with. I’d recommend her to anyone interested in trying yoga therapy.”

Dan Greco

Site Optimization Manager

Testimonial 9

“Caitlin is fantastic. I’ve gone to many of her classes, specifically those with a focus on healthy backs. I’ve worked with her as a therapist on issues I have with my neck and shoulders from work. She’s patient, attentive and offers focused one-on-one sessions. The exercises I’ve done really help me combat the negative effects of sitting at a desk all day, highly recommend working with this lovely and professional woman!!”

Tracy Ring

Senior Administrative Assistant

Testimonial 8

“Caitlin has helped me grow and learn a lot about myself. She helped me realize the strong power of breath when I was over stressed and unaware of my mental needs. Caitlin helped me focus my energy, both good and bad, on my breath. With every deep inhale and cleansing exhale, I felt my stress and anxiety lessen and lessen. Eight years later, my main mantra is to ‘just breathe.’ It has literally changed my life. Along with the power of breath, Caitlin has helped me keep a constant awareness of how I physically hold myself. Not only has my posture changed, but I have also become stronger and my confidence has increased. I recently began running and was having pain in my hip and side leg. Through working with Caitlin, my pain subsided. She put together an easy to follow yoga sequence that helped my muscles and ligaments heal. I fully trust in Caitlin as a yoga professional, and recommend her gentle way of teaching to anyone.”


Dental Hygienist & Photographer

Testimonial 7

“I set up private yoga therapy sessions with Caitlin to help me with severe lower back and neck pain. I had done yoga before so I had known about its ability to help ease my pain but I never had a personalized routine focused on improving those two areas. Caitlin helped me set up a daily routine of yoga stretches as well as giving me some great posture tips. As I did the routine I figured out which stretches worked for me and which didn’t and Caitlin was able to substitute different stretches for those that didn’t work as well. This provided me with an incredibly personalized stretching routine that has helped phenomenally. Thanks again for all your help, Caitlin. My neck and back are honestly the best they have ever been.”



Testimonial 6

“This program has been so amazing for my pain. In just one class, my neck and shoulder tension released more than it has in years. This program has been so instrumental in managing and controlling my stress. It’s so easy to be “on the hamster wheel”. I look forward to my yoga time and meditation and have noticed a huge difference in my pain level. My family has even noticed my calmer demeanor. I couldn’t believe how much my pain was linked to my stress.”



Testimonial 5

“My daughter Brooke and I are fortunate to be having private sessions with a true healer and a quality human being, Caitlin Parsons on Tuesday mornings at our gym. Caitlin makes Yoga easy and fun for both of us. If you are looking to heal from an injury, or are in pain or want to become more flexible, I highly recommend focused and individualized Yoga sessions with Caitlin.”

Lisel Sutter

Accountant & Owner of Sutter Taxes

Testimonial 4

“Caitlin helped me to heal my body. I am a full-time Esthetician and have been practicing for 15 years. Years of bad posture and lots of repeated motions left my hands, arms and neck a mess. I was in extreme pain with numbing and tingling down my shoulder, arm and hands. Not only did she provide me with a personal program that can be done throughout my busy day, she also worked with me regularly at my office. My life changed. No more numbness and tingling in my arms. My posture has improved dramatically. This is an on-going therapy for me. It is so great to have such a well-educated professional in my circle to help improve my quality of life.”


Esthetician & Owner of Skin Essentials

Testimonial 3

“If any of you are on the fence about this program, try it. Caitlin’s classes are really changing my life. I was in so much pain every day and now I’m not. There where days that I had so much pain I could hardly get out of bed. I am standing taller and starting to have more core strength as the classes continue. I worried about how would I stay on program not having to be face to face with her but once I started the stretching and started to feel better there hasn’t been a day since week two that I have not wanted to do something whether it be just stretching or a full yoga class. I have spent tons of money on massage, chiropractors and IBP I was skeptical but this progrm is working the best for me.”



About Our Founder

My name is Caitlin, I’m a chronic pain survivor, yoga therapist and founder and CEO of Caitlin Parsons Yoga Therapy, a yoga therapy and wellness company. I recently made my dreams a reality by quitting my full-time job as a dental hygienist to pursue my passion and purpose helping others get back into alignment.

Now I use my personal and professional experiences in chronic pain, stress and anxiety recovery to help people step back into their own alignment – in their bodies and their minds. My online communities help empower women to create balance in their bodies and minds so they can

I love to share my knowledge and expertise through my blog and social media platforms as well as guest appearances on other inspiring and like-minded podcasts.

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