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How To Set Up A Good Yoga Space
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How To Set Up A Good Yoga Space

I want to teach you how to set up a good yoga space. One of the biggest reasons people don’t do yoga is because it is intimidating. Determining what style of yoga to pick is one just one challenge, for instance. The next challenge I see is what yoga clothes to wear and how to find the perfect yoga mat and props you will need…

I want to make it easy for you. Let’s ditch the worries about finding the perfect outfit, and dive into what really matters. I’m here to make it easy, and that’s exactly why I created this post.

To me, there are three major things to account for when setting up a yoga and meditation space. I will share all of them with you below. You may feel called to put more emphasis on one thing or another, and that’s totally fine.

Creating A Safe Space

The first place to start is determining the location. Whether you have a small quadrant of space next to your bed, a space outside or a whole room dedicated to yoga, find a location where you will feel comfortable.

Don’t stress about making this perfect… something is better than nothing especially as you get started.

Remember, you want this to be a space where you can slow down, relax and unwind. After all, that is the point of yoga!

Here are some things to keep in mind as you find a space:

  • Does it feel comfortable and safe to relax in?
  • Do you have enough room for your mat and props? Do you have enough space to spread and reach in all directions?
  • Is it safe from distractions from yourself and others?
  • What is the temperature like? The light or shade of the area?
  • Do you have the proper space to set up a computer or something to stream your practice?

The next step is setting up your space. For example, it is ideal, but not mandatory to have a place to store your mat and props nearby. That way you don’t have to set up and break down every time you want to practice. Instead, everything is readily available.

Less problems = less excuses! Less excuses = more consistency!

The next piece to set up a centering piece, or an altar of some sort. This is where you will keep things of meaning to you. This will look different for everyone. Whether it’s a shell you found on the beach, a feather from a bird, a stone, a picture of a loved one, etc. Maybe just a candle or incense. This will help you feel comfortable, safe and supported.

Some people prefer their altar to be aesthetically pleasing, while some people want it simple. Some people feel more connected with something simple, like one candle, a rock, or a picture of a loved one. Start small and add things accordingly when and if it feels right!

I added a photograph of my old altar for reference. It has some of my favorite things. Three stones, candles, incense, a beautiful mantra and reminder, and it’s usually adorned with flowers and/or an auricle/tarot card deck of choice.

Gather The Tools You Need!

how to set up an at-home yoga space

There is nothing worse than hitting play on your computer then realizing that you forgot some of the props you need for class! Be prepared so you don’t get pulled out of your center.

As a yoga therapist, and someone who specializes in pain, posture and injury recovery, I strongly believe that props can enhance our yoga practice tremendously. Whether you use them to modify a specific pose, create more space in areas of tension, to increase stability and strength in your body, or to relax the body fully, props are the bees knees!

Props To Enhance Your Practice

Because I highly recommend using props into your yoga practice, here are some of my favorite ones:

1. BLOCKS: for me, blocks enhance the practice in creating space and creating stability within the body. If you are going to purchase blocks, I highly recommend getting two. They can be used in so many ways within your yoga practice–I personally use them all the time in my practice, and with my students inside of Aligned Online, my monthly yoga therapy membership program.

Here is a link to my favorite blocks from Manduka – you can use this link to find them + get a discount.

2. YOGA BLANKET: Blankets are extremely useful in a yoga practice. Whether you want a blanket to keep you warm or for support behind the back of your head, knees or to put on top of your abdomen to help you feel more grounded, I highly recommend a good blanket for your space.

Here is a link to my favorite blocks from Manduka – you can use this link to find them + get a discount.

3. YOGA STRAP: A strap for your yoga therapy practice is a must! The material that a yoga strap is made of is ideal for many of the therapeutic yoga classes I teach. With that being said, a strap is the easiest prop to substitute out for something around the house. You can grab a belt, rolled towel or long socks as a temporary fill-in.

Here is a link to my favorite blocks from Manduka – you can use this link to find them + get a discount.

Those are my top 3 props. If you asked me for one more, I’d tell you to buy an eye pillow to further support relaxation. For eye pillows that are made from sustainable material, check out Projectfull here!


how to set up an at-home yoga space

My best advice is to ensure you’re all set up and ready to go ahead of time when it comes to technology. What I mean is, if you’re streaming your yoga practice or downloading it from one of your devices, make sure it works effectively before you sit down to hit play on your first practice.

 One of the biggest reasons people don’t practice yoga or meditation at home is because they aren’t set up properly. Whether you’re streaming a practice from my online membership program Aligned Online, or you have something downloaded on your computer or from YouTube, make sure it’s able to play in the comfort of your new yoga home!

For on-demand therapeutic yoga classes and weekly live yoga classes, check out Aligned Online. Aligned Online is a monthly membership program to help ditch pain, manage stress and anxiety, and improve your overall wellness–all in the comfort of your own home. Check out the details here.

1, 2, 3, Go!

As you can see, there are a few important steps if you want to set yourself up for success. Once you create a space once, it’ll be easy to add on, change it up or replicate it in the future. 

1, 2, 3, Go!

When you have everything that you want and need in your space, you’ll be ready to enjoy your yoga class. What a great gift you have given yourself!

Set yourself up for success by creating a beautiful at-home yoga space then watch your body and mind drift into relaxation. If you want at-home yoga classes that range from beginner-based therapeutics all the way to strong and active, consider joining Aligned Online, a monthly yoga therapy membership where you get unlimited access to 125+ on-demand classes and trainings, plus live classes every week, and so much more.

Aligned may be your go-to hub for health and wellness! If you have questions for me or you wonder if it’s a fit for you, click here and let’s chat.

Enjoy your new space!


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