I will listen closely to both what you’re saying and what you’re not saying to peel back the layers covered by discomfort and disease.

Over the last 10 years, I have worked through low back pain, neck and shoulder pain and injury, carpal tunnel syndrome and a myriad of other issues including stress and anxiety. I have tried everything from traditional medicine to acupuncture and ayurvedic herbs but nothing helped get me out of pain and feel like my best self like the practices of yoga therapy; I only wished I found it sooner. I’m here for you now.


I spent the first half of my life thus far in my head and I’m choosing to spend the second off of my life being led by my heart, grounded and rooted in my body.

For the first part of my life I lived with aches and discomfort, being overly sensitive without boundaries, constantly worrying about other people and it’s no shocker that I was completely disconnected from my own body. After shifting so many parts of my body, mind, and ways of being, I started living a life without pain and chronic worry; I started to feel more aligned and connected to myself than ever before. 

The more I dive into my body, heart, and soul, the deeper freedom and spaciousness I access. It’s with this internal freedom that I’m now able to share my gifts with the world with an open heart.


“Put your shoulders back, Caitlin.” I constantly heard these abrasive feeling words vibrating throughout my entire head. I tried so often to put my shoulders back but they never wanted to stay there. Because of this, I struggled with this for many years, feeling annoyed, dishearted and like a loser.

Anxiety about my bad posture, being myself, and the desire to check in on and take care of everyone else was the norm for me for a long time. For many years, I didn’t even acknowledge this anxious part of me. Instead, I tried to mute her. I didn’t share that I felt anxious because I didn’t know what to look for or how to describe it. I didn’t share with anyone because I didn’t know how, so my anxious thoughts only got worse.

Dimming my own light became easier and easier for me as I focused so heavily on everyone else.


After I graduated from dental hygiene school and started working as a full-time hygienist, I thought my back pain would disappear just as swiftly as my student loans were. I worked harder and harder to pay off my loans with very little attention to the nagging discomfort in my physical body. 

One day after work a dear friend asked if I wanted to try Yoga. I had no idea what I was in for but I said yes out of curiosity.  I cruised quickly into the Yoga studio without the inner knowing that I’d be a completely different person once I walked out of the room.

I felt more in my body than I ever had in my entire life. My body, heart, and mind were buzzing in the most contagious way; I craved more. I kept going to class and although I loved it, there was something about the pace of the class that didn’t fully resonate with me. My search began. I  started to research everything about yoga. Words like “healing” and “therapeutic” caught my eye. My research led to my first yoga teacher training in 2011.

That was the catalyst for the biggest and most challenging experience of my life thus far: leaving my family and moving to the opposite side of the country. 

I was ready to explore something new. 

I was ready to find myself.

The journey of moving from Boston to San Diego was just the beginning of a deeply transformative, gratifying yet tumultuous time.  It was the journey into my self, but I didn’t know it yet. As soon as I got my hygiene license in California, I found the first yoga studio and I fell in love. One month later I enrolled in the first-ever yoga therapy training in San Diego.

I walked in with anxiety, pain and a deep sense of disconnect.

I left with so much knowledge, experience, no more pain, improved posture + body awareness and minimal anxiety.


Before I graduated from the 2-year, 1,000-hour transformative yoga therapy program, I knew I was ready to serve. I knew from the moment that I felt a sense of freedom in my body and spaciousness in my mind that I was put on this earth to share this sweet gift with others.

It took a lot of education, experience, support, and trial-and-error to adjust my body into its correct alignment. I never realized the importance of being connected to your body and how that played such a pivotal role in getting out of pain and overcoming anxiety. 

The truth is, after spending so much of my life caring more about others than myself, it took a long time to come back home. When I did, I felt the magic of life flow through my body like a internal knowing and resonance I’ve known before. The lightness in my body felt like the perfect summer night’s breeze.  For the first time ever I felt a swirling sensation around the center of my heart. I felt alive.

The yoga therapy program and my personal journey out of pain and chronic anxiety were the foundation that prepared me to guide people into their own healing journey and accessing deeper layers of themselves, their bodies and their hearts.


Since my transformation began many years ago, I’ve been on a mission to help others connect to their bodies, hearts, and lives in a new way.

It brings me great joy guiding others into the depths of their bodies, a deepness they’ve never experienced before. We explore their body as it moves on the yoga mat and throughout their daily life. When we look at all the parts of their lives, rather than just what their body does on a yoga mat, we create massive transformation and integration.

In addition to guiding people back into their bodies and out of physical pain and discomfort, I also help people find more freedom in their minds. In a culture of go-go-go and constantly being overwhelmed by social media, commercials and cultural norms of what we “should do” or “shouldn’t do,” we need more internal peace and refuge. We need to learn to tune out the external world and find solace within.

We do this by accessing deeper levels of our nervous system. My students learn how to be more calm, focused and fully present with their thoughts, emotions, and actions. We create new patterns of responding vs. reacting in their body & mind to reduce stress and overwhelm.

I guide people back into their bodies and hearts with confidence, strength and a life of freedom.