Creating An Rockin’ At-Home Yoga Practice–That’ll Stick!


I hear this all of the time– “I just don’t know how to start doing yoga at home!” And the truth is, I felt the same way, too. Whether you have a consistent practice in general, or you’re just starting yoga and meditation, it can be challenging.

Sometimes it feels like there can be so much to think about and plan–and sometimes it feels like, “where the heck do I start?”


The Magic Starts When…

The magic starts when you find a space to practice–remember, you want this to be a space that’s appealing. You want it to be a space that you want to be in and that you can get excited about. Whether it’s in your garage, next to your bed, or you have your own separate room… you gotta make it *yours.*

You don’t need a ton of space– just enough to sit comfortably, have some quiet, and move your body. The rest will work it’s way out. Gather all the props you want and need (yoga mat, blocks, strap/belt/scarf, blankets to sit or lay on, and a bolster or pillow) and bring ‘em on over. And if it’s just a chair you’re sitting it, make it comfy.

Make It Pretty…

Whether you’re a guy or a girl–it’s nice to make the space that you’ll be in every day, or a few times a week, aesthetically pleasing. This doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy a Buddha statue or re-paint your room. Maybe you declutter the space near you, hang a picture that inspires you, a book you enjoy reading, or maybe you do have a statue or something that lights you up. Maybe you get flowers–even fake ones are pretty! 

The fact of the matter is, when you have a place that you like to spend your time, you’re more likely to want to be there. (And do the practice!)

I know some of you out there could care less what it looks like, and as long as you’re motivated–it’s all good!

Schedule the time for yourself…

If you schedule the time to take care of yourself, you’re much more likely to do it. Sounds obvious, right? When we schedule the time in our calendar (yes, I still use an old-school paper planner) as opposed to trying to squeeze it in, you’re setting yourself up for success.

You’re important.

Your mind, your body, and your health matter.

Choose you.

Prep Yo’self…

Plan what you’re going to do before you plop yourself down on your mat or chair. If you have a plan in order, you won’t get onto your mat and waste a bunch of time scrolling through your phone or pondering what to do. Make a plan, and stick to it!

Set an Intention…

Set an intention for yourself–whether it’s the night before, right before your practice, or as you start your practice. Your intention could be as simple as “I won’t look at my phone during this practice.” or, “I will complete the whole practice before getting up.” or, “I intend to show up to find more clarity in my mind.” etc, etc. It can be the same intention every time, or different each time.

Your practice–whether it’s movement or meditation–is sacred time!

Life can be so busy–this is your time and your opportunity for YOU.

Don’t cheat yourself by scrolling through the web, checking your email, wondering what you’re having for breakfast or dinner, or planning your grocery list. (believe me, you’ll get the urge)

Show Up No Matter What…

Whether you have a goal to practice meditation or yoga every day, or a few times a week–stick to it! Even if you sit on your mat/on your chair and sit in silence for 5 minutes, or do part of the exercises.

When you show up on your mat like you planned, time and time again, you’re telling yourself that you’re committed. This commitment becomes a routine and a habit. And once it’s a habit–you’re golden, my friend.

Listen To Your Body…

We all know that it’s not possible to show up on our mat and move our bodies every day– we get sick sometimes and sometimes just don’t want to move! That’s okay.

If you plan to practice one day and you get there and truly don’t feel good–try laying down and listen to a meditation instead. Or lay down and imagine doing the practice. Studies actually show that by still being there, breathing, being present, and imagining you’re doing it–you’re still benefiting! 

And on the other side of that, if your body is craving more or something different than what you planned on–do what your body tells you.

Start to tune in to your body–it never lies. Just our mind does. 🙂


Hope this helps! Leave me a comment below to let me know.

Talk soon,

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