Hey friend!

          Just dropping in quick today to share a little bit of inspiration & knowledge on listening to our bodies and how important it actually is, AND I’m going to share some tips for navigating this every day. (Can I get a heck yes? 😍)

          The truth is–it can be so hard to know when to slow down, take it easy and rest; and on the flip side, to know when it’s appropriate to push ourselves a bit and step outside of our comfort zone. 

          From the food that you eat & how your mind/body responds to it, to learning when it’s time to slow down and rest to prevent yourself from getting sick, to understanding when you’re feeling stressed & creating support for yourself to reduce stress before it spirals out of control, to understanding when your back hurts/aches because you’ve been sitting for so long vs. when you over-did it… it’s all SO important and a part of the navigation process to our inner world. 

          Sometimes we just need support in getting to the next step–this is one of the ways I help my private clients get to the next level of their transformation. Because it isn’t always easy, as it takes consistent practice, but it is so profound, transformative, and even debatably imperative if you want to create a life that is full BALANCE.

          Now, imagine yourself one year from now–imagine that you’ve worked every day over the last year to get to the point that you’re at a 10. You can read your body like a book. Imagine that your connection to the physical body/your vessel becomes SO intricate that your life is easy and fluid–balanced.

          What would that feel like? What would change in your life and how if you were at that point? Think: personally, business, relationships, etc.


to learn how to slow down, tune in and connect with yourself in a deeper and more profound way so that your entire life is full of balance. 

1. Commit to a practice every single day to connect to yourself. Yep–this takes work, my friends. Whether it is in the form of meditation, breathing, yoga, slow walks, or just sitting still–find a way to let your thoughts drift into the background so that your inner voice gets louder. Listen without judging or rushing. Take at least 10 breaths here – long, slow and steady.

2. Once you’re committed to this practice– add onto that by becoming more aware of what’s actually going on in your body – notice sensations that come up and any quiet voices beyond our “Monkey Mind.” What arises in the physical body? Emotional/mental? etc. When certain things arise, ask yourself– “what could I do to create more balance?” Listen for the answer.

3. Write It Down! Sometimes we don’t realize the trends we have in our bodies until we write certain things down. For example–if you’re consistently having stomach problems and it may be triggered either by stress and/or food–start keeping a journal or a log about this. Track the food that you eat, for instance, and when you have bouts of stomach problems, it will be much easier to look back and see if there is any links between what you ate & when your stomach hurt. This can also be done for those of us with pain in our bodies–tracking how much and what style of exercise we’re doing, how much we’re sitting, etc.

Believe me, I know these three steps seem so SIMPLE (because they are!) — but they help! It really just takes consistency.

Try this every day this week and watch your inner world begin to change and evolve.

Have questions? Comment below or send me an email (hello@healerswithin.com) — I’m here to help! 

Talk to you soon!

Montana De Oro Cliffs - Morro Bay, CA

Opportunities to Slow Down – May 4th, 2017

          I’ve been enjoying the opportunity to slow down and pause more than ever lately. I grew up under the impression that the more you do, the more you check off your to-do list and the faster you are, the better and more likely you are to be successful. I’m finally {re}learning and understanding that sometimes slowing down and taking a pause allows you to be more productive, and more #PRESENT. For me, #breathing + #meditation helps me slow down. Sometimes, a simple walk outside is the perfect way to slow down. What is your favorite way to #relax?

Montana De Oro Cliffs - Morro Bay, CA

          Take a moment, wherever you are, to PAUSE. Whether you are sitting or standing, allow your feet to touch the floor. Close your eyes if you can. Notice the breath — the rhythm of your inhales and exhales. Feel the way the breath changes the shape of your abdomen, side ribs and maybe even the chest. Feel the breath slow down, and maybe notice that the mind slows down too. Notice the sounds around you, yet still aware of your breath. Stay for a few more moments. Repeat throughout the day and feel more CLEAR, connected + at ease.


Slowing Down – March 2nd, 2017

“There is more to life than increasing its speed.” ~Ghandi

          Love this pose, Legs Up The Wall. Also known as Viparita Karani, this pose has a calming affect on the body. Try this against a wall or even bending your knees with your feet on a chair or the couch. It’s great for #circulation, realigning the spine and a wonderful way to calm the nervous system. Try this before bed for a good nights sleep!

          What are some other poses, or parts of your self-care regime, that get you feeling #relaxed and calm?